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Planned Maintenance

When properly tuned and maintained, control systems contribute significantly to the performance of buildings. However, if they are in less than optimal condition, underlying services may never achieve their full performance. Energy and maintenance costs will rise and environmental quality could be compromised.

The placing of a Routine Maintenance Contract for your buildings control systems equipment will ensure that the optimum levels of performance and safety can be constantly achieved. Each Maintenance contract is specifically tailored to suit you and your buildings requirements.

Control Services

Being an independent controls integrator enables us at Saker Controls to provide you with a control system, which is a cost effective solution and window into your buildings whilst still maintaining the productive working environment you require.

Support Services

In today’s challenging business environment, there’s clearly an imperative to cut operational costs whilst maintaining or improving quality of services in your buildings.

Saker is a specialist contractor for delivery of end to end solutions in the air conditioning, heating and ventilation controls equipment. We also provide a single point of accountability on markets from initial survey through design and specification to installation maintenance and ongoing support services to maintain an efficient building.

Whether you are looking for pre-quote, we provide a comprehensive and flexible range of support services. From remote care taker services on your BMS system, support and applications or just specific elements, we can tailor our services to meet your individual needs.