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Custom Tailored Services

Whether your site requires periodic visits from our engineers or resident staff, Saker Controls Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) reduces service costs through a regular, routine of prescheduled attention. This can include seasonal adjustments, evaluating and tuning control strategies, analysing data logs and input or output device checks.



Comprehensive Cover

A comprehensive cover contract provides an increased level of cover to give the greatest peace of mind, on all equipment failures and callout costs. Although slightly more in value to our standard service contract the benefits are greater. Such as the inclusion of periodic site visits for Planned Preventative Maintenance, full business recovery as standard and more.

Each contract is different, so you may decide that you’re happy to pay excess on equipment or labour. However, you want it we’ll specifically tailor it to suit you and your budget needs.

Full Business Recovery Services

Saker Controls offers bespoke business recovery contracts to take care of unexpected problems including remote interrogation of faults via external router / modem and emergency call-out. Service contract customers benefit from guaranteed response times (location dependent) and service availability levels up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round.

Saker Controls will work with all clients to determine a clear escalation and communication process defined within the Service Level Agreement to ensure minimum business interruption.

Automated Performance Monitoring & Tracking

Non-intrusive off-site support via our bureau services allows out-of hours access to monitor the condition of your working environment. Should there ever be a deviation, we can swiftly rectify most problems while continuing to maintain the environment before you or your organisation notices them.

This facility can also be developed to perform off site performance reviews, system policing, call out identification and even intruder notification on unmanned sites, together with a broad range of services which can be tailored to meet individual customer’s requirements.

Full Profiling Service

We can help you to provide a historical profile of the building services equipment and environment within your buildings via data manipulation and maintenance records.

This can help in many ways, such as cost control or in the planning of improvements and changes of use. This profiling has proven invaluable for presentations to the board or external authorities such as hospitals, testing and laboratory facilities, who may be required to present data to the home office periodically.



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