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Caretaker Services

This is specifically designed for low to non-occupied buildings. We can provide an off site solutions to control / monitor your buildings systems and reduce costs, by bringing together all building system. From lighting, fire, power, HVAC and building security, our engineer and customers can monitor and switch all these system remotely without having to visit site. This means that Buildings can be put into a state of virtual suspension, in the knowledge that all vital systems are being monitored.

Resulting in energy saving, plant wear and tear, servicing / security costs and pre-longing equipments life span. (Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular needs or visit our web site for more information on our services).

Surveys and Validations

We can help to provide a detailed profile of your buildings control systems equipment and environment via a full survey or validation. This may help in many ways, for example if you are considering leasing new premises, or already occupy a building that has been modified with unexpected problems, or you just require that second opinion.

IOT & Cloud Services

Saker provide Client Cloud Services where management of client site BEMS systems are hosted in the Cloud. This allows clients to run multiple sites simultaneously from any location, building managers can securely access their buildings from anywhere via any device – BEMS in your pocket!

Electrical Installation

Saker Controls is able to offer electrical installation services, using internal as well as a number of NICEIC approved electrical installation contractors who all work to the highest of standards as set by Saker Controls. All of our engineers and contractors are very familiar with the systems that we install. All our electrical installations are certified to NICEIC & current IEE electrical installation standards.

Panel Manufacturing

Saker Controls is able to offer extensive control panels services from manufacture of panels, on-site modification to panel refurbishment. This allows us to take ownership over the quality of every panel required for any given project.

Commissioning Support Services

Saker Controls is able to offer the services of its engineers who are competent in a range of manufactures’ systems, as support to an existing team of engineers on either pre-com or commissioning.

Design Shop

Saker Controls, are also able to reduce the pressures from a hectic office by undertaking panel designs, ACAD, software and graphics works or similar design type work. We would welcome the opportunity of discussing our range of services with you.



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